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Let the FCS team be the
solution to your back-office
accounting difficulties.

The FCS staff, supported by the FCS Accounting System can be your back office accounting staff. Our experienced staff will work closely with your management team to provide all the accounting and investment data you need in a comprehensive reporting and reconciliation service.

FCS staff will collect all of the data, perform a series of validity checks, reconcile against the custodian data and provide you with daily/monthly reporting to meet all of your needs.

We interact with your auditors to assist in your year-end reporting.

  • Save money using our team

  • Experience FCS staff always available

  • You gain the capability to process any new investment vehicle that hits the market without worry

  • You gain a dynamic investment accounting system that is fully customizable to your particular needs

  • All of the data generated by your fund is maintained and available for reporting throughout the life of our relationship-it is never removed

The FCS team is experienced
and friendly.

To contact us:
Phone: 610-358-2400
FAX: 610-358-4850
E-mail: accounting@fcsinc.us
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