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Choose from fully outsourcing your back office accounting functions to our experienced staff to accessing the FCS Accounting System remotely to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your back office operations with FCS' custom reporting capability.

Custom Reporting

Outsource your Back-Office Function

FCS is committed to providing any report, in the format of your choosing, as long as the data exists either directly or computationally within the FCS accounting System. We make this commitment without reservation. Details...

FCS staff is ready to be your back office. Our experienced staff and proprietary accounting system will collect all of the data generated by your fund, and prepare a custom reporting package that will meet all of your accounting requirements. Details...

Software as a Service

Portfolio Verification/Reconciliation

Gain on-line access to the FCS Accounting System through our proprietary FCSWeb portal, allowing you to use the FCS Accounting System to its fullest in support of your back-office functions. Details...

FCS will collect data from your custodian bank and investment managers and perform regular, comprehensive comparisons of the data. You gain confidence that your data is accurate and true, and gain time your need to focus on other pressing tasks. Details...

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E-mail: accounting@fcsinc.us
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