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Working collaboratively,
FCS will build a custom
reporting package to meet
your needs.

Because we collect all data generated by your fund in its entirety, and keep that data easily accessible throughout the life of our relationship with each client, FCS can provide custom reporting that can answer any question arising out of your investment process.

Responding to public requests for information is simplified because all data needed is maintained in a single source and readily available.

Standard, custom and ad hoc reports offer you a scope of reporting that is not easily matched by other systems, particularly canned software packages.

  • You gain valuable insight into your investment process

  • Any request for information is easily addressed

  • A single source provides all of the answers you need

  • FCS staff is ready to assist you in developing any report you want, in the format of your choosing

  • Generate reports and spreadsheets of your own design

FCS' ad hoc reporting tool
loads data directly into your
spreadsheet routine.

To contact us:
Phone: 610-358-2400
FAX: 610-358-4850
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