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Independently operating since 1974, Financial Control Systems Incorporated (FCS) provides plan sponsers a centralized computer resource and complete back-office accounting and performance measurement capability for gathering, processing, reconciling, verifying, auditing and reporting all data generated by investment activities within pension or related accounts. The FCS Accounting System provides sufficient scope and control to serve as an independent book of record.

As a full-service provider of accounting software and services, FCS serves as an extension of our client's accounting staff. Because we maintain all data generated by our client's pension fund activity for the life of our relationship, we serve as an immediate and reliable source for historical inquiries to which the custodian bank typically cannot respond.

Our proprietary software and production efficiencies provide our clients with timely, accurate and incisive information on every aspect of the Fund's activity. Our application software is wholly owned and has been totally developed in-house. We are unique in the fact that the FCS system is in intensive daily use by FCS staff in production of the reporting and control needs of many of our clients. For that reason, the quality of our system has been consistently fine tuned by experience and hands-on pressures of the functions that represent a substantial portion of the business of FCS.

From a data perspective, each client operates within completely independent data systems totally non-reliant on each other. All client information belongs to the client and it is our policy to isolate and safeguard it in all reasonable ways. In nearly 40 years of operation, we have never had a problem with unauthorized access or use of client information.

Client data, once entered into the FCS system, is always available - on line - for all review and reporting purposes.

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To contact us:
Phone: 610-358-2400
FAX: 610-358-4850
E-mail: accounting@fcsinc.us
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